10 things you should know


1. What is UPVC and why.

UPVC is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, derived from common salt. Why use it? Because these windows and doors out perform similar products made from other materials, provide better U-Values, will not rot, do not transfer heat & and cold, will go a long way to complying with the 6 Star Energy Ratings due to be introduced into Australia in 2010 and not to mention are the most eco friendly products available in Australia today.

2. How long has UPVC been used as a window frame material.

This material was first used in the production of windows in the 1940’s and now commands the largest market share of use in the window industry in Europe. It is also widely used in the US and Asia.Â

3. Are these windows and doors secure.

Nu-Eco windows are highly secure a typical door has up to seven locking points within the locking mechanism the windows have similar features. Although not required here in Australia these windows and doors comply with the stringent Crim safe standard adopted in the U.K.

4. UPVC OK in Australia’s harshest environment

The UPVC used in today’s market is designed to cater for Australia’s harshest environment. The use of Titanium Oxides in the initial product ensures UV stability and enables us to give an extensive warranty against product failure. Although our warranty is limited to 10 years windows produced from UPVC if maintained should last a lifetime.

5. Multi Chamber Construction

Our UPVC Windows with Multi Chamber construction have been engineered to out perform similar products in the market place in both strength, wind resistance and water penetration.

6. Do these windows and doors meet Australian standards.

All our windows & double glazed doors conform to all AS Standards including AS2047/2048/1288, as well as those set by WERS and the Australian Windows Association for energy efficiency and quality assurance.

7. How efficient are they in comparison to other materials.

Here in Australia, wood and aluminium is the prominent materials used in window frames. UPVC out performs aluminium many times in relation to thermal efficiency, wood has similar qualities to UPVC however wood has high maintenance issues plus the use of UPVC is more environmentally friendly.

8. Are these windows Expensive.

No. These windows and doors compare very well in price to other window and door systems. Plus there is the added advantage of a continual saving off your heating and cooling bill each year.

9. Can these be used in extreme conditions?

UPVC is a non combustible and self extinguishable this means it is very good in fire risk areas. Due to the high quality welded manufacturing of our windows they are also perfect for high wind and rain areas.

10. Can they be easily cleaned?

Yes all that is needed to keep them in perfect condition, is a wipe with a damp cloth and although this product is considered to be maintenance free regular cleaning will ensure that your windows will remain looking as good as the first day they were installed.

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