How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze Windows


Average Cost of Double Glazed Windows in Australia

The average cost of installing double glazed windows in Australia is around $800 per square meter, give or take. But what makes these windows worth the money?

Double glazing is essentially the insulation method of arranging two glass panes to be separated by vacuumed air (or filled with special gas), reducing the heat transfer through the glass into or out of your living space.

With double glazed windows installed, you can be assured that the heat from outside will come into your space at a regulated temperature, while the cool temperature will be kept controlled and not easily leave through the glass (an occurrence more-so common with the single paned window option).

While the price may seem a hefty amount to be paying for double glazed window installation, the benefits that come from long term savings will definitely be exponential over the years. You’ll have the potential to reduce 30% heat loss (or gain), significantly taking off your electricity bills.

Other benefits include the following…

  • Glazed windows usually last for around 20 years or more
  • Reduces carbon emissions by up to 680 kg a year
  • Consequently, installing glazed windows is beneficial to the environment
  • The value of your home will be increased due to potential energy savings
  • Glazed windows generally reduced noise pollution in and out of the house


With so much to be gained through the initial investment of installing double glazed windows, this environmentally (and wallet) friendly option is the obvious choice for your home or living space.

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