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Before & After

See our before and after Double Glazed uPVC window installation pictures below:

Replacing your windows or doors?

  1. Request a free measure & quote
  2. We meet for a FREE measure, quote & discussion
  3. We order your new uPVC frames from our UK factory
  4. We install your windows over 1-3 days depending on project size

Extension or new build?

  1. Request a free measure & quote
  2. We look over plans and help you select the appropriate windows & doors
  3. We order your windows from our UK factory
  4. We can install or deliver them for your builders

We are registered builders.

As registered builders we have insurance on any work completed on your property.


What products were used?

Doors – Double Glazed uPVC

Windows – Double Glazed uPVC

  • Awning / Fixed Light 
  • Shaped Arched