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double glazing benefits

Glass faults and inspection criteria.

Glass for buildings supplied and installed in Australia generally contains few faults, however it is not fault free. Occasionally small seeds and other surface imperfections can make it through the glass manufacturer’s fault detection scanners and into stock packs of glass used to make double glazed units.  Other factors such as the application of special …

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enjoy summer graphic

Enjoy Your Summer More with Double Glazed Windows

What’s your house like? Cold in winter! Hot in summer! Noisier than the Monash! Nu-Eco can help! Summer brings pool parties, barbecues and vacations. Unfortunately, it also brings high temperatures, an increase in ultraviolet rays, more neighbourhood noise and even an increase in crime. Double glazed windows can ease the negative aspects of summer and help …

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registered builder

Nu-Eco – Registered Building Practitioner

The Victorian Building Authority regulates building practitioners in Victoria, Australia. Their goal is to guarantee that these practitioners are efficient and also competitive. With this goal in view, the Victorian Building Authority determined that beginning on July 1, 2018 all building companies must be registered as a building practitioner in order to continue entering into …

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Self Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning Glass will Disappoint without Sun and Rain

Self-cleaning glass suggests an impeccable view and freedom from washing windows, but if you install it in your windows and retire your window scrubber with this in mind, you will be disappointed. This state-of-the-art glass consistently demonstrates that it requires minimal maintenance, but before you invest in it, familiarize yourself with how it works and …

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