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How To Clean UPVC Window Frames

How To Clean UPVC Window Frames

Tips For Cleaning UPVC Window Frames

When cleaning the entire house, people tend to disregard to clean the windows. Although UPVC windows are known for their durability, they occasionally need maintenance. In this article, we’ll provide instructions for cleaning UPVC window frames to ensure their life span. 

We’ll review common problems, including getting rid of moulds, getting rid of persistent silicones and sticker residues, and removing excess dry paints. Read until the end and learn how to keep your UPVC windows shiny and clean. 

Preparation For Cleaning UPVC Window Frames  

Before rushing to clean your window frames, make sure you are ready to take on the process. Here is the list of things we need to prepare before we go ahead with the specifics of cleaning UPVC window frames

  • Bucket of warm, soapy water
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Non-abrasive brush
  • Scraper
  • Silicone remover 
  • UPVC-friendly
  • Gloves 
  • Eye Protection

How to Remove Dry Paint

During home remodelling projects, accidental paint splatters on window frames are common. The good news is that removing dry paint from your window frames is simple. Here are the steps for cleaning UPVC window frames with dry paint.

Step 1: Start by softening the dry paint on your window frames. Use a hairdryer on a low setting to gradually warm the paint until it becomes elastic. This will make it simpler to remove it without causing frame damage.

Step 2: Delicately remove the paint using a putty knife or a scraper once it becomes soft. Be gentle so as not to damage the UPVC. Work calmly and slowly until all of the paint has been removed.

Step 3: After removing the paint, use a soft cloth or sponge and warm, soapy water to clean up whatever residue remains. Thoroughly rinse, then pat dry with a clean cloth.

How To Prevent Paint Splatters 

Use painter’s tape to cover the frames before painting the area around them to avoid further paint accidents. This action will help you avoid a lot of hassle in the future.

How to Remove Mould 

Mould is a frequent household problem that can be both persistent and unappealing. It not only degrades the appearance of surfaces but can also be hazardous to one’s health. Here are steps for cleaning UPVC window frames affected by mould.  

Step 1: Locate the mould-affected areas. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated location and isolate the afflicted areas. Take the appropriate precautions because mould can be dangerous.

Step 2: Use a professional UPVC cleaner or mix equal parts water and white vinegar to make a cleaning solution. Put this treatment to use on the mold-affected areas.

Step 3: Gently clean the mould using a soft cloth or sponge. Be patient, but watch out not to harm the UPVC. Clean the area with water, then completely dry it.

How To Prevent Mould Growth 

Ensure your home has adequate ventilation and immediately address any leaks or moisture problems to prevent mould growth. Regularly clean and maintain your UPVC frames to avoid mould formation.

How to Remove Silicone 

Silicone is an elastic material often used in the house for various applications ranging from sealing bathroom fittings to fixing tiny gaps and cracks. However, silicone can degrade, discolour, or become damaged with time, requiring removal and replacement. Here are ways for cleaning UPVC window frames with silicone issues. 

Step 1: Soften the silicone residue before removing it. You can use a hairdryer or a silicone softener to make it malleable.

Step 2:  After softening the silicone residue, carefully scrape it off with a plastic scraper or putty knife. Take your time and refrain from using anything sharp that could scratch the UPVC. 

Step 3: Use a soft cloth or sponge and warm, soapy water to remove any leftover traces. Thoroughly rinse, then dry the area.

Tips for Resealing with Silicone 

Thoroughly clean the area and apply new silicone, following the manufacturer’s recommendations if the window needs resealing.

How to Remove Stickers 

While stickers are entertaining and decorative, they can sometimes outstay their welcome, leaving a sticky residue or clinging stubbornly to surfaces where they are not wanted. Here are easy steps for cleaning UPVC window frames with sticker residue. 

Step 1: Start by using your fingernail or a plastic card to peel off as much of the sticker as possible. Pay attention not to harm the frame.

Step 2: Spread a little rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover onto a fresh cloth or sponge. To remove the sticker residue, gently rub it. To minimise causing surface damage, be gentle and avoid cleaning with too much force. 

Step 3: Wash the area with warm, soapy water to remove any remaining adhesive remover residue. Thoroughly wash and dry the frame.

How To Avoid Sticker Residue 

Consider using detachable labels or attaching stickers on glass instead of UPVC frames to avoid sticker residue building up.

Cleaning Routine and Tips For UPVC Windows 

Even if there’s no mould, silicone, sticker or paint in your windows, it is important to establish a cleaning routine to keep their aesthetics and structural integrity. Here are some tips on cleaning UPVC window frames

  • Create a routine for cleaning your UPVC windows. Reducing the accumulation of dirt and grime can be done by cleaning them at least twice a year or more frequently if necessary.
  • Utilise a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning made especially for UPVC surfaces. Avoid using aggressive cleaners, bleach, or abrasive scouring pads because they can harm UPVC.
  • Apply a silicone-based lubricant to any hinges or handles on your UPVC windows to protect them from sticking and to keep them running smoothly. Make sure you abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check your UPVC windows frequently for any indications of damage, such as cracks, chips or openings in the seals. Resolve any problems immediately to maintain energy efficiency and stop additional damage.
  • Add weatherstripping or draught excluders to insulate your UPVC windows better and increase energy efficiency during severe weather.
  • Consider arranging a professional UPVC window maintenance service every few years, especially for older windows, for a comprehensive inspection and upkeep.


Maintaining your UPVC window frames increases its lifespan and your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your UPVC frames will stay in top shape for years if you follow these easy techniques to remove dry paint, mould, silicone, and stickers. 

Now that you know the different ways of cleaning UPVC window frames, you can ensure your windows remain pristine. 

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