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Glass faults and inspection criteria 2022

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Glass for buildings supplied and installed in Australia generally contains few faults, however it is not fault free. Occasionally small seeds and other surface imperfections can make it through the glass manufacturer’s fault detection scanners and into stock packs of glass used to make double glazed units.  Other factors such as the application of special coatings and general handling during the manufacturing process may produce minor faults in the glass that can not be removed.  

Consumers and building owners have a reasonable expectation that glass installed into their products or projects will be to a “reasonable” quality standard but providing glass with no faults at all is a very difficult if not an impossible task.  To bridge the gap between what can reasonably be manufactured and a customer’s quality acceptance levels, a standard for determining glass quality and acceptable quality was created.  

AS/NZS 4667:2000 – “Quality requirements for cut to size and processed glass” is the Australian standard that provides details such as the maximum allowable imperfections, types of acceptable imperfections, where to stand when viewing the glass, at what angle, correct lighting, correct backgrounds and any exclusions. 

For more information Download a copy of our Glass suppliers’ own paper on this subject here: AS/NZS 4667:2000

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