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Certification & Testing

Nu-Eco Windows – Standard Glass Types

Certified Product List Residential

Source: 2019 WERS Certified Product Directory – AFRC

Our double glazed uPVC windows have been thoroughly tested for compliance in Australia and have achieved one of the highest energy rating for a standard Double glazed Residential product.  Our Double Glazed Window & Door products perform better than some of the competitions triple glazed windows.  See for yourself at the Australian Window Associations WERS Website


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Nu-Eco Windows – Window Testing

Certified to AS2047

Tested at Ian Bennie and Associates Nata certified testing facility.

Testing shows compliance with Australian Standards AS2047, exceeding the requirements for a standard residential Window. Results show that our windows are rated to an N4 (Non-Cyclonic),C2 (Cyclonic) rating, with no water penetration at 600pa of pressure , way above the 150pa requirement in the standard. Our Multi-point locking system limited Air infiltration to 0.1 Ltrs/second, again way below the 5.0Ltr/Second in the standard.


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Our window Profiles have been tested in Australia's Harshest Environment

See the returned profiles in the image below against the control samples that have never seen the sun (Profile with protective tape)

UV Testing

Profiles tested at Allunga Exposure Laboratory in Townsville QLD

Nu-Eco Windows - UV Testing

Certified to ASTM DTS4726

Tested Allunga Exposure Laboratory and testing facility in Townsville QLD.

Nu-Eco’s frames have been independently tested in Australia’s harshest environment (when it comes to UV exposure) and have proven to exceed the international Standard ASTM DTS4726 as well as meeting the Australian uPVC window Alliance’s code of conduct policy.

Our profiles were subjected to a minimum of 15,000 Mj/M2 of UV Radiation and a Charpy Test for strength and rigidity were performed before and after exposure to confirm suitability for Australian Conditions.

Taking it one step further we have been conducting our own in house testing since September 2013 where we placed a number of uPVC samples on the roof of our own factory facing North to get the maximum exposure to the suns harmful rays. We currently have data from the Bureau of Meteorology that suggest that our profiles have absorbed almost double the amount of solar radiation required by the standards with amazing results.

We placed control samples in storage to compare against the exposed samples shown in the images below:


Samples placed on the roof on the 13 September 2013


Exposure chart below show 35,789 MJ/M2 of Exposure

More than double the required exposure for Compliance in Australia.


See the results below


Exposed Samples against Control Samples

This image was taken in May 2020 where the samples have absorbed More than double the required solar radiation exposure required by the Standard as shown in the table above for the Dandenong area. The samples are compared to control samples that have never seen the sun (profile in the image with the labels attached) and show very little difference after more than five years of direct exposure. Under normal conditions window profile are generally exposed to far less radiation due to shading and positioning. It is our opinion that the samples have the equivalent exposure of 15-20 years of normal use.

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