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Advantages and Disadvantages of uPVC Windows

advantages of uPVC windows

Advantages of uPVC windows:

Are you thinking of installing uPVC windows?

Here is everything you need to know about their advantages, as well as their disadvantages:

Strong and Durable

uPVC is naturally a strong material. It resists humidity and also deformity, so it doesn’t corrode and rarely sags or warps. We confidently provide a 10-year warranty on all our uPVC windows and expect them to live long and useful lives beyond their warranty.

Safe and Secure

uPVC windows utilise multi-point and multi-directional locking mechanisms to boost security wherever they are installed. Their glass panes have internal beading to stop unwanted visitors from gaining access to your home by deglazing the windows from outside and every joint in the window frame is welded for added strength. All profiles are even reinforced with galvanized steel. uPVC windows also have the benefit of being flame-retardant and will help to minimize fire-related incidents.

Value for Money

There are two ways that uPVC windows provide value for money. First, they increase insulation reducing the loss of heat during winter and coolness during the summer. This allows air conditioners and central heating units to work less which consequently lowers energy bills.

Secondly, uPVC windows are economical in that they last long enough and provide more than enough valuable benefits to outweigh their original cost.

Maintenance Free

As a general rule, uPVC windows only need an occasional wash and are almost completely maintenance free . Cleaning uPVC windows is easy because their glass panes are carefully sealed to prevent humidity and dust from getting in between the glass panes. The uPVC frames are also easy to maintain. They are weather-resistant, don’t corode in salt air and never need to be repainted.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

uPVC is inherently an insulating material, highly durable, low maintenance recyclable and thermally efficient – it’s this combination of features that makes uPVC one of the most sustainable building products on the market today and fantastic value for money. 

More than half of all the components in uPVC windows are from renewable sources. Along with this, uPVC windows can be recycled after they have completed their useful lives.

The glass in the windows can be crushed, melted and made into new glass products. All the metal parts can be melted down and reused and the uPVC itself can be recycled and re-purposed  into new uPVC windows with current window profiles made up of at least 40% recycled post consumer waste, siding and decking. 


uPVC windows come in many different styles, from garden bay to tilt-and-turn windows, and a variety of colors. No matter what color or style of uPVC window you choose every one of them has a sleek, modern beauty. 

Disadvantages of uPVC windows:


They are not well suited for all applications .

We have been working with uPVC windows for many years and whilst uPVC windows are undeniably the best choice for windows and doors in residential homes, occasionally we find commercial, large windows and   exceptionally old home or building applications where modern uPVC windows just don’t suit..

They are hard to modify during renovations.

One of the great advantages of uPVC windows is how long they last with minimal maintenance. However, if you decide to completely renovate your property during the lifespan of your uPVC windows, and want to change the color of the frames, this can be a problem as it will require a special uPVC paint and process that is more expensive than standard house paints. The positive though is that once your uPVC is painted properly, it is still durable and long wearing in comparison to painted wood or painted aluminum.

They are not installed soon enough.

As we work here in Melbourne, we see a lot of windows that are not uPVC and the difficulties that these windows give their owners. Many of them have layers of peeling paint, others are rusted through and still others are deformed and don’t open or close properly. When we see windows like these, we always wonder: Why didn’t the owner install uPVC windows sooner and begin enjoying their advantages long ago? 

If you are ready to enjoy the advantages of uPVC windows, contact us today.

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