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Understanding uPVC Windows and Doors

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When choosing uPVC windowsdoors, and other uPVC glazing solutions; what do you look for? What are the things that you consider?

  • Expertise in design – It can be built to suit your projected design and can be retro-fitted to any home and match the onsite design. The customisation is never a problem!
  • Premium Materials – uPVC follows a strict standard in manufacturing to ensure it maintains its non-toxic characteristic through strict compliance to current Australian Codes.
  • Maximum Efficiency – It is known to be the best in energy efficiency.
  • Superior Workmanship – It requires professional workmanship in handling, rendering, and installation.
  • Precision Engineering – A product that is the fruit of years of engineering ingenuity to adapt the material for residential and commercial use.
  • Professional Installation – Only certified professionals who have been trained to understand the material, as well as install them into homes and offices, do the installation for you.

Why choose uPVC windows, doors, and other uPVC glazing products for your home and offices? Apart from being the perfect aesthetic solution that gives you simple sophistication and unparalleled elegance, you get energy efficient, safe, and low maintenance glazing. But what is uPVC?


Understanding uPVC

uPVC means unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is hard and not flexible. These are the same materials used for pipework, as well as window frames.

uPVC is the best choice in window frames. It is best recognised for its sound insulation and thermal efficiency.

This material can be used to mimic the beauty and elegance of a wooden frame yet it will not rot. It can also be rendered to look as modern as it can be. Needless to say, this is the best choice when it comes to customisation and following architectural designs.

uPVC is the safest material you can choose for your windows and door framing. With all the stated and practical tests that this product had gone through, you can be sure that you are getting only the best for your home and offices.

Perfect Partners

Coffee has cream and lemons have honey – perfect combinations in the middle of our daily lives. uPVC windows and doors can be perfectly paired with energy efficient and cost-effective glass.

uPVC windows and doors frame become the perfect solution for your home or office and can be paired with top-level safety glass. Whether it be a new home or a renovated one, uPVC windows and doors is the best choice for you!

Laminated glass paired with uPVC window and door frame give you the best energy-efficient combination. Coupled with its known insulation, uPVC windows and doors can help you reduce heating costs. It can also allow for more light to come in thus lessening the need to turn on the lights in your home or office.

Whether it be laminated glass, double glazing or other safety glass, you can never go wrong with this partnership.

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