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What are Double Glazed Windows?

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Double Glazing for Windows. What does it mean?

What are Double Glazed Windows? I first came across the term double glazing windows when i visited England in the 1980’s. Residential houses were being built and the common theme was “you have to have double glazing”.

What does it mean? What are the benefits?

Double glazed windows also known as insulated glazing or double pane and lately there has been a rise in triple glazing. Double or triple windows are separated by gas or air that effectively reduces the heat transferring beyond the window. In other words it keeps the heat in. Or keeps the heat out. Because the air temperature cannot penetrate the window it therefor bounces off.

What are the savings for installing double glazing?

Obviously these windows will reduce your fuel bill during winter in that they keep the heat you generate locked inside. Also, in summer there are savings as the heat is kept out. This is a double effect on the fees you pay to your energy provider. Another positive of double glazed windows is the reduction of noise coming into or leaving your home.

Double glazed windows also add value to your home whether your are selling or renting your property. Increase the heating or cooling efficiency of your home by installing double glazed windows.

What’s your house like?

Cold in winter!

Hot in summer!

Noisier than the Monash!

Nu-Eco can help!


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Nu Eco installers are professionally trained and work to all Australian Standards guaranteeing customer satisfaction. If you are building or renovating a house in Melbourne consider the installation of double glazed windows.

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