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3 Reasons Why Your House Should have uPVC Doors

Why Your House Should have uPVC Doors

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3 Reasons Why Your House Should Have uPVC Doors

Doors made from uPVC are secure, durable and attractive, as well as affordable.  Germans developed uPVC, or plasticised polyvinyl chloride, in the early 1900s and within a few years this resilient vinyl began being used in various settings, including in the production of high-quality doors.

Your house should have uPVC doors for the following three reasons:

uPVC doors increase Security

On its own, uPVC is remarkably strong. It can withstand a lot of beating before breaking and is fire-resistant. uPVC doors have these qualities and other important security features. For instance, uPVC doors are fully welded to eliminate any joints that could be broken in. They also include galvanised steel reinforcements and multi-point locks.

uPVC doors also come with double-glazed glass fitted in their windows. Years ago, glass was a weak point in a door, but not in uPVC doors. The two panes of glass and internal beading in the double-glazed glass of uPVC doors is one more outstanding security feature.

Best or all, uPVC maintains its strength and security for years. Metal rusts, wood warps and cracks, but uPVC is naturally resistant to humidity and does not dry out or corrode in any way.

Reduce energy bills

Another reason Why Your House Should have uPVC Doors is because they are incredibly energy efficient and eco-friendly. A house constantly loses heat or coolness through its doors and windows. As a result, air conditioners and central heating units have to work harder to make up for this loss and keep the house at a constant temperature.

uPVC doors insulate a house better than wood or metal doors. The thick panels of uPVC and the double-glazed glass with its layer of insulating gas both significantly decrease the loss of heat and coolness through the door.

This insulation keeps air conditioners and heating units from working overtime which reduces your energy bills and benefits the environment.

Added value and aesthetic appeal

uPVC doors increase the value of a house by boosting security and providing superior insulation, but that is not all. They also add beauty that can be personalized to fit anyone’s preferences.

uPVC doors come in all shapes and sizes. They can be sliding, bi-fold and French doors, as well composite front doors. The panels on uPVC doors can be smooth or have a wood-grain effect and independent of what texture they have, they all resist denting, warping and cracking.

Another great characteristic of uPVC is that it holds colour well. uPVC doors come in classic colours, such as red, green, blue and white, and also specialized colours, including Irish oak and rosewood.  uPVC never needs to be sanded down and repainted or re-varnished. The only maintenance uPVC doors require is a gentle cleaning from time to time.

Installing uPVC doors is an affordable way to increase the security and beauty of your house, as well as to save money by reducing energy consumption. Nu-Eco has more than 20 years of experience in installing uPVC doors, windows and side screens in Australia.

Now you know Why Your House Should have uPVC Doors. If you are ready for a free measure and quote, get in touch with them today.

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