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Enjoy Your Summer More with Double Glazed Windows

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What’s your house like?

Cold in winter!

Hot in summer!

Noisier than the Monash!

Nu-Eco can help!

Summer brings pool parties, barbecues and vacations. Unfortunately, it also brings high temperatures, an increase in ultraviolet rays, more neighbourhood noise and even an increase in crime.

Double glazed windows can ease the negative aspects of summer and help you enjoy the season more by:

Keeping your home cooler

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by  insulating gas. This layer of insulating gas prevents the transfer of heat through the window, so that the heat of summer stays outside and your home stays cooler.

The insulation provided by double glazed windows not only keeps your home cooler, but it does so while also decreasing the workload on the the air conditioner. The average central air conditioning unit runs 9 hours a day and uses between 22.5  and 45 kWh of electricity each day during the summer.  When double glazed windows keep heat from coming into the house, the air conditioner works fewer hours each day which will decrease your monthly energy bill.

Filtering out harmful UV rays

The percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays in sunshine varies throughout the year and they are at their worst in the summer. Even if it is filtered through one pane of glass, UV radiation from the sun can cause eye damage, premature ageing of the skin and weakening of the immune system, along with fading furniture and carpets.

Double glazed windows can help you enjoy summer more by filtering out at least 50% of the UV rays in sunshine. Less UV radiation in your home means better health for you and those you love, as well as a longer useful life for your furniture and carpets.

Decreasing noise

Summer has its own unique noises, which includes children playing, neighbours entertaining guests at a barbecue and even dogs barking as they spend more time outdoors. Many of these noises enter our homes through the windows and interrupt our lives.

Double glazed windows can make your home up to 80% quieter, because their two panes of glass and insulating gas block at least twice as much noise as conventional windows.

Increasing your home’s security

Crime rates increase in the summertime, because houses sit empty while their owners travel and because there are more daylight hours. Double glazed windows can help keep your home safe and give you greater peace of mind during the long days of summer.

The two panes of glass and internal beading in double glazed windows makes them hard to break through and their uPVC frames are an additional security feature.  uPVC is strong and when a uPVC frame is fully welded at all its joints, as our frames are, it becomes even more resistant to anyone who might try to break and enter. Best of all, double glazed windows and uPVC frames maintain their strength and security for years, because they are naturally resistant to humidity, corrosion and warping.

Summer is just around the corner. Are you ready to install double glazed windows so that you can enjoy the season more?

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