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5 Reasons to Replace Old Windows

why double glazed windows

Windows are composed of glass, putty and a frame and they age over time. Whether the frame is made from wood, aluminum or some other material, it becomes brittle and weak, the putty shrinks and cracks and the glass becomes loose.

These changes make old windows expensive and difficult to use. You should replace your old windows with new double glazed windows for the following 5 reasons:

Save on your energy bills

Double glazed windows are energy efficient. Homes and businesses with old windows constantly lose heat or coolness through their windows. This means that air conditioners and central heating units work more than necessary to keep the building at a constant temperature.

The two panes of glass and layer of insulating gas in double glazed windows decreases the transfer of heat through the window. This insulation saves energy by decreasing the workload on the the air conditioner in the summer and the central heating unit in the winter.

Replacing your old windows with double glazed windows will save you money by lowering your energy bills all through the year.

Increased your comfort

Old, loose windows let in drafts – drafts of hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. They can also collect humidity, which encourages the growth of mold and mildew, and become an entry point for insects.

Installing double glazed windows in your home or business will help keep allergens and insects at bay, as well as make the environment more comfortable by eliminating warm and cold drafts.

Have a better view

Old windows are prone to condensation and often difficult to clean. The 20 mm layer of insulating gas in double glazed windows keeps hot air from coming into direct contact with cold air which eliminates condensation.

The uPVC frames and new glass in double glazed windows are also easier to clean and in the long run require less maintenance than older windows.

Enjoy a quieter environment

Sounds from neighbors, businesses and traffic surround us and enter our homes and workplaces through the windows. Double glazed windows block twice as much noise pollution as single pane glass which means that changing your old windows for double glazed windows can make your environment up to 80% quieter.

Increase the value of your home or business

Installing double glazed windows will increase the value of your property in several ways. First, it updates the building and makes it more attractive overall.  Secondly, double glazed windows add additional security. The frame and double glass of uPVC windows are particularly strong and remain secure for years.

Lastly, double glazed windows filter out at least 50% of the UV rays in sunshine which protects you from harmful rays and helps keep your indoor furniture and carpets from fading.

Replacing old windows with double glazed windows has many valuable benefits and is affordable. If you have any questions or would like a free quote, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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