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Timber Frames vs uPVC Frames

Timber rot

Melbourne’s Alternative to Timber Window Frames

A poor investment, discover why traditional wooden frames aren’t built to last!

At Nu-Eco, we know that timber is often a popular choice for window frames due to its ready availability and ease of milling into the required complex shapes. Favoured in many residential applications as a traditional architectural element, you may be surprised to learn that wood is intrinsically not a durable material, due to:

  • High susceptibility to rotting and warping
  • High maintenance
  • Regular re-painting of exterior surface required

Nu-Eco’s stylish and practical solution for your home

Before you invest in wooden windows or doors for your house, we suggest you have a look at our cost-effective and innovative range of uPVC alternatives, available in a timeless wood grain finish, that have proven to have unrivaled benefits in the long run. Choose from a range of colours:

  • Light oak
  • Irish oak
  • Rosewood
  • And many more!

Make the smart choice for your Melbourne home. For further information on how to replace your wooden window frames with our viable and cost-effective alternatives, get in touch with Nu-Eco on 1300 326 946 to organise a FREE measure and quote today!

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