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Of course, if you’re thinking of soundproofing a room you can’t go past the fool-proof method of double glazed windows. Pick the right ones and you can reduce outside noise by up to 80%, or up to 40db (much better than the recommended soundproofing level for sleeping in a residential area at 30db). Nu-Eco offers heaps of different options – make sure to check out double glazed windows to find out more.


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Soundproof Windows


Fill in the gaps

Even with the door shut, you’d be surprised by how much noise can creep through the bottom of the door and the floor. If your main problem is coming from other rooms in the house, then there a number of door bottoms or sweeps you can buy that block sound from coming in, without inhibiting the ability to open or close the door, of course. Taking a bit of time to fill in cracks around windows and other openings can make a bigger difference than you realise, too!


Invest in a white noise generator

One of the most difficult positions to be in in terms of reducing noise is if the source is neighbours living above you. Unless they are willing to install sound-reducing flooring, most of the practical solutions you can implement on your end involve expensive and invasive alterations like adding a double-down ceiling.

However, getting a white noise generator can be a great solution to this. It generates noise to simulate silence – go figure!

Invest in a white noise generator
White Noise Generator


Pick your furniture wisely

Furniture and furnishings can be brilliant in terms of sound absorption, particularly thick drapes and rugs. Investing in good quality, big-ticket items like wooden dressers, bookshelves and the like can also go a long way in soaking some of that unwanted noise up, especially when strategically placed against walls.

If you can find concrete furniture or furnishings then even better – the porous structure and density of concrete works super well in absorbing the vibrations that cause sound.

sound absorption furniture
Sound Absorption Furniture

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